Monday, April 24, 2006

Governement Of Wishful Thinking

I am very depressing about the state of political affair in our country. Then I realize the true nature of the problem. Every Presidential candidate in the past thought of their contemporary administration as incompetent. They believed that the sad state of the government was precisely because of the administration was incompency, corrupted, and malicious. They believe that they can do better than their predessessor. So the challengers thought of grandios plans and then marketed them to the public, promise to perform miracle. The plans are beautiful and they are sincerely believe in the feasibility of their plan.
But then the challenger was elected and attempted to implement their plans - and they found out that they performed no better than their predessesor - sometime even worse. Things always seem to be harder in reality than in paper. The more spectacular the plans, the more spectacular they fail. Pretty soon the new administration was in the same problem the previous administration was in - the same incompency, the same corruption. And the more they tried to dig themselves out of the hole, the deeper they sank.
And the cycle repeated itself administration after administration.
Our government will not improve until the voters realize that the problems is not this President or that President, this administration or that administration. The problem is the structural limitation of government. All candidates started out well intented. But the micromanagement of the lives of hundred of millions of people is impossible, futile, and harmful. I believe that our government has reach it maximum limit of its efficiency and effectiveness. Despite all the current problems with corruption, mismanagement, and incompency, our government is still one of the most efficient and effective compare to many governments I have came across. To think that one can make it more efficient or effective is wishful thinking. If anything, one can only make it less effective and less efficient, which is essentially the story of the last five years, the story of the Bush adminstration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Minh-Duc!!!
It's April 16 2007 as I write. I'm so glad to see your blog back up. It was down for a while. I (and Triet) were quite worried about you. Hope you're doing fine. (I sent a couple of emails to your old gmail address, but no response.) I've been too busy for blogging; guess it's the same for you. Anyway, all the best to you.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Triet said...


I heard from Vietpundit that you're blog was back up. We've been missing you and quite worried (oh, vietpundit said that already).

Well, I hope we get to hear from you soon.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's always possible to improve, due to advances in organization, ideas and technology. However, we need improvement in a lot of areas. I think that there is a lot of improvement for governance in this country as it seems to be an area that is not often improved.

That being said, I think that Bush's policies and his political strategy of basically saying f*** you to half the country is what got him into the situation he is now in. He is savage attitude towards people who disagree with him is what makes him a poor president.

8:15 PM  
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