Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Not Even Slavery Is Offered

Dymphna quote me from this post.
Let not pretend that they seek to redress an insult to their religion. It is a mere pretext. They seek nothing less than our submission - our unconditional surrender to their rule. To them I say “bring it on.” I will not submit. I will not surrender. I will not be a dhimmi. I did not escape Communism to live under Sharia.
I just realized that dhimmitude is not even available to me. To be a dhimmi, one has to be of “people of the books,” that is either a Christian or a Jew. I am neither. I am a Buddhist, therefore slavery is not even offered. The choice for me is conversion or death. Some choices!

When this war began, many Buddhists (and Hindus) took a position that the war is between the West (implying Christians) and Muslim Fundamentalist – and it does not concern them. They are “useful idiots.” It is not possible for them or me to sit on the fence. In the global caliphate, at least Christians will be offered a chance as lowly second class citizens – if they submitt themselves to the Sharia. If one is an atheist or if one religion is not from a Abrahamic tradition, no quarter will be given. It is time for the fence sitters to take side in the war against Islamic fundamentalists; because the consequence for them is life or death.


Anonymous foreign devil said...

BRAVO! Exactly! On the surface this appears to be a dust-up over nothing...cartoons...what's the problem? But the deeper issue is who defines what is and is not acceptable? Muslims? Does that then mean everything published ever after from news stories, to the lyrics of songs, to the lines of plays to paragraphs in books can be excised in order not to 'upset' someone who is Islamic? Does that then mean all communication, whether personal or private that may become public, can be subject to this 'screening' for Islam?

It does! And it doesn't stop there. If Islam is allowed to tell us we can't publish something and we bend our knee, even in a small way this time, we will have to submit again and again. If we give in this week, by the weekend someone will have 'offended' Islam with the new rules; and the rules will streeeeetch to cover...say...the lines in a play the Muslims now think apply to Islam and are mocking them. Then you may want to write a friend and criticize them in a personal email. But say the email becomes public and 'offends' someone who is a Muslim. You originally meant the communication privately, but Islam will make sure you pay if they don't like what you said, no matter whether it was a private communication or not. Islam has a veeeery think skin! Michelle Malkin has an item on her blog today that DNS attacks all across Europe are being launched by Islamic hackers. They almost took her site down and left her death threats. Many Danish sites have been hacked and Muslim-specific message threats left on the site. There is an Internet war going on with Islamic hackers trying to stop us talking about this. I myself have found certain sites very slow to load. Sites that normally have no problems. Here's a link to the story on Michelle's site:


We can't live like that. So we cannot bend the knee even a little the first time. To do so, means there will be no end to 'paying the Danegeld'.


It's non-negotiable!

9:11 AM  
Blogger PPM said...

whaich side are you on dear writer? I did hold the same opinion about the whole story west vs islam, and so part of my distorted mind rejoices when usa uk clash with islamic militants in iraq. I like usa and the people there as they are nice to you in a real sense, unlike in uk WHERE THESE POMMIES( a slang devised by aussies for brits) treat you like you were a second class citizern and will always remain a servant of the british empire!

I dont know whose side i must take, one thing i am sure is that i will side with india against all problems

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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