Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mythical Creatures

Black Five suggests that “moderate Muslims” may be “mythical beasties;” somehow I managed to have met many of those mythical creatures, even fought alongside many of them. They exist, and they are very real. I wrote about them here, even includes a picture.

I am a strong supporter of the Danes against fundamentalists, but I am also a strong supporter of Muslims against fundamentalist. Those who claim, that because there is no uproar of opposition against fundamentalism from Muslim, that there is no moderate Muslim, have never lived in an oppressed tyranny. This is the equivalence of the argument from the Left (made during the Cold War) that because there is no protest against Communism behind the Iron Curtain, the Worker Paradise is truly a paradise.

The reason moderate Muslims are so quiet is the same reason we victims of Communism were so quiet – fear. For 15 years, I lived under the tyranny of communism; and for those 15 years, I said nothing. My father said nothing, my neighbors said nothing, and my (then) countrymen said nothing. In fact, if a Western journalist asked me a question about the government, I would have nothing but glorious praise for the Communist government. Of course, I would not believe what I said. We had food shortage; our lives were miserable and oppressive. But miserable as we were, we preferred living in misery to death and imprisonment. My family and I were terrified, and being terrified is a forgivable sin.

The majority of Muslims are afraid – and they have every reason to be fearful. We, in the West, think of Islamic fundamentalists in term of the September 11th attack, the Madrid attack, the London attack. But Islamists waged war on moderate Muslims long before they waged war on the West. All the Western casualties combined are only a fraction in comparison to the Muslims killed in Algeria by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). And Algeria is only a small front in the war. Add that number to the number of Muslims killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The recent bombing of the al-Askari Mosque prove that extremists are waging war against moderate (or as they call it “the near enemies’) and that we in the West are the peripheral to the conflict (“the far enemies).

Those who claim that there are no moderate Muslims must have never read the blog of Iraq the Model or the Big Pharoah. They of course never fought alongside the Peshmerga or the 206th Iraqi National Guard.

By not separating between the extremists and the moderates, we will loose potential allies and pitch ourselves against the greater Islamic world. The oversimplified clash of civilization meme will be detrimental to our cause.


Blogger PhilippinesPhil said...

What you say just MIGHT be true Minh-Duc, but I think here are the relevant questions: Is it the tyranny of the few controlling the many? Or, is it the tyranny of the many controlling the few?

I hope very much that the so-called Muslim moderates out there, the silent majority as you and others claim, will be able to eventually win out, but can they? Will they? I hope also that these "mythical moderates" will somehow be able to turn the tide, because the way things are going, it’s the hate mongering “tyrants” that are the ones controlling events.

These "purveyors of violence" and "spewers of hate" are prevailing in Southern Thailand, Indonesia, Iraq...; hell, the list is almost as long as there are Islamic countries and Muslim enclaves. When I see the mindless passion in the hate-filled faces of all those young Muslim men as they yell their “Death to’s…” while they burn western flags and embassies, all at the behest of their imams, I see NO EVIDENCE at all that there are ANY sensible Islamic voices out there that are being taken even HALF seriously.

You used to “mouth the words” when you were asked about the “wonders of communism,” but when I see these Islamic demonstrators, I get the feeling that they MEAN it when they scream their hate filled epithets. The problem is that if you are right, and that there are more rational Muslim types out there than there are fanatics, the point is IT DOESN’T MATTER! Because unless the moderates start speaking up they make themselves completely irrelevant.

If, in the Muslim world, it really only takes a handful of hate-filled men to influence what happens to an entire country, then does it really matter if there are mostly moderates, especially when these moderates are mute and cower like sheep at the hint of retribution? The Nazis figured out that a few willing wolves could triumph over multitudes of sheep. Muslim fanatics are the ones taking ALL the risks, while the moderates, if there are any, are unwilling to do anything. Where are they? It seems they are too afraid even to bleat.

We aren’t the ones NOT separating the extremists from the moderates. By not speaking out and taking control of events, it is the moderates that are NOT separating themselves from the extremists. Just as history condemned the entire nation of Germany for the acts of relatively few Nazis, Islamic moderates will have to face the same condemnation IF they don’t step forward in their supposed massive numbers and assert themselves, and the sooner the better!

5:46 AM  
Blogger PPM said...

for me an indian living in UK i have more in common with my muslim friend born and brought up in Sweden and satying in UK than my neighbour who has been here ever since he was born.
so i do feel inspite of all the hullabaloo about the cartoons and the ridiculous protests that it has caused, i feel Asians are more understanding lot than most other people, irrespective of whether he is a muslim and hindu an christians an buddhist etc.

4:43 AM  
Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

Minh-Duc, an excellent, excellent post.

If the media covered more about the real life in Muslim countries, the zany protesters would not form the image that most people have of Muslims.

You are unquestionably correct in observing that Muslims themselves are under attack from the cultists. And they do have a right to life and freedom.

How people can read about what's happening in Iraq and not understand that the Islamic world is at the heart of this conflict I don't know. Are the kids, the pilgrims, the old ladies and the bus riders nonexistent to the media?

7:11 PM  
Blogger Jester6 said...

The debate over the existence of Moderate Muslims is purely an academic exercise. Moderates Muslims are not relevant. The Nazis came to power with 2.5% of the German population. With compulsory membership for government workers they only reached 11% of the German population. You don't need anything near a majority to hijack the machinery of state.

Everyone thinks there were more Nazis because all film propaganda from that error showed marching SA and SS. The moderates were being moderate, they acquiesced.

More examples and citations here:

Jester6: Millions of Moderate Muslims Exist - So What?

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:50 PM  

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