Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Where Is The Party Of Reagan?

In the scenario that Roy Blunt is elected to be the new majority leader; I will withdraw my membership from the Republican Party and become an independent. I became a Republican a day after I swore in as an US citizen. But I am now reconsidering my membership.
I became a Republican long before I became a US citizen, long before I came to the US, long before I was old enough to vote. I was a young boy in Vietnam listening clandestinely to Voice of America (VOA) over a short wave radio. I had to turn the volume low, so low that I had to put my ear next to the radio speaker to hear. Listening to VOA, BBC, or Radio Free Asia was illegal in Vietnam. One could spend signficant amount of time in prison for listening to radio that was not government propaganda.
There, on that old short wave radio, President Reagan gave the "evil empire" speech. Living in a Soviet vassal state, I already knew that they were evil. The inherent evil of the Soviet Union was obvious. But not a single US President had the moral courage to say thing as it was - not until Ronald Reagan. I knew then that he would be the greatest US President in my life time.
I came to the US in the last year of Reagan Presidency. That was when I learned that my favorite US President is a Republican. I also learned that he favors limited governement. With the past experience with the government where I cam from, limited government is a wonderful idea.
Reagan brought me into the party, Newt Gingrich made me a believer. I was an enthusiastic supporter of the Conservative Revolution. Now I fear that the Revolution is dead. For five years, the Republican Congress and White House had increased domestic spending at a record level. The Republicans even increased regulatory spending. And the last transportation bill is a mockery of Conservativism. Delay and his gang had betrayed the Revolution and insulted the memory of Reagan. It particular digusted me when a few days ago when Delay was speaking of Reagan on FOX. Delay spoke of how he love Reagan. What's a hypocrite!
The current leadership race for the majority leader will determine if the Republican Party is still the Party of Reagan, and that the Conservative Revolution is still alive. Roy Blunt is cut from the same cloth as Tom Delay. He is an opportunistic politician who speak of small government but fund big government. Reagan once said of his former political Party, the Democrats, "They left me, I didn't leave them." When Blunt is announced as a new majority leader, the Republican Party will leave me.
The reason I became a Republican because I did not want to vote for Democrats. This will be the same reason when I leave the Republican Party.


Anonymous ElMondoHummus said...

That's one reason I'm reluctant to consider myself a member of a political party. I see myself as a conservative, not necessarily a Republican. The former is someone holding a coherent set of beliefs; the latter is just another politician. Yes, many of my opinions do track with that party, but quite a few don't. And I hate being pigeonholed simply because of party affiliation.

I don't know anything about Roy Blunt, and frankly I don't care if his actual practice in office leans fiscally one way or another. If he spends too much, or takes stances I don't believe in, I'll disagree with him of course, but at least I can respect him for his beliefs. But if he indeed is an "opportunistic politician" who'll only say what he thinks needs to be said to get votes, then I'll be beyond disappointed. Like I feel about too many other politicians, I'll be balancing on the edge of contempt for him.

I'll wait and see. But as for your stance: Right on. If the party doesn't stay true to it's own beliefs, make like Reagan. You'll be guilty of being no more than true to your own beliefs.

2:24 PM  
Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

I have always been an Independant. I voted for the first time a year after I joined the Army. Never been big on party politics. Vote for the man, not the party. Of course that involves being informed, something 3/4 of people just won't bother with. The Internet and Blogsphere are slowly expanding people's awareness, though will it really take hold and grow? People are easily distracted. I listened to shortwave growing up. Still do. I lived in south Mississippi and we had this huge, old RCA stereo system. Big brown cabinet like a console TV. We ran a piece of TV antenna wire up one tree then sliced the wires apart and ran them to 2 other trees. We recieved all kinds of stations. I got my first taste of global politics listening to AFR Levintine and VoA out of Europe and the BBC. M, most people in America have no idea what living in a country with an oppressive government is like. I have only seen such countries during and after the overthrow of such governments, that was enough to convince me that I never want that to happen to my country.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Bryon Rogers said...

"Vote for the man, not the party. Of course that involves being informed, something 3/4 of people just won't bother with."

I agree with that philosophy as well. The only problem is that in our current political system where many politicians are financially dependent on parties, it's hard to vote for a man without voting for a party.

I also concur that the Republican Party has undergone a massive change after 2001. While all Republicans since Reagan have basically decreased taxes while greatly increasing spending at the same time, the current Republican agenda seems to be one of a large and intrusive federal government will little accountability to the states or the people.

Unfortunately, the only other major party alternatives are the Democrats, who lack organization and agenda other than taking a position opposite to Republicans on almost every issue.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 52 years old and cast my first vote at the age of 18. The only vote I have ever cast "for" a candidate was for Ronald Reagan for president. Every other vote, whether local, state, or federal, has been cast against the opponent.

No longer. I will never again cast a vote against a candidate. If the media and politicians want to portray low voter turnout as apathy, so be it - but they are lying to themselves. My non-vote is the only way I have to convey my contempt for current politicans who embrace "big government" ideals, and that includes Republicans who have unabashedly betrayed conservatives nationwide.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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