Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Obvious Solution to Corruption

In the aftermath of the Abramoff scandal and other scandals in the government, many proposals were put forth to stop and prevent corruption in government. The proposals range from regulating lobbying activity on lobbyists to more finance campaign reform on politicians. All the proposals have one thing in common, they are procedural in nature.

Somehow, everyone seems to ignore the obvious solution to an obvious problem – money. I am not talking about the amount of political contribution or lobbying fee. I am talking about government coffer. The reason that there is corruption in government is because there is money in the government. The more revenue being appropriated by the government, the more incentive is there for misappropriating fund. The amount of corruption is directly correlated to the amount of money available. It would not matter if Republican, Democrat, or the Franciscan Order is in power. Scoundrels will follow the scent of money and corruption will enviably follow regardless of who are in charge. And no additional laws, regulations, or procedures will make a different. Scoundrels are not known to obey laws.

And I do not see the problem of corruption getting any better as long as government spending is a large part of our gross domestic product – estimate at 30 to 40 percent of GDP. And as our federal budget continue to grow in the coming years. I predict that there will be more corruption in our government.

The problem is money and the solution is money. More money available to government leads to more corruption. Less money available to the government leads to less corruption. The only long term solution to corruption in government is limited government. We must reduce the source of corruption by reduce the amount of money available to the government.

Who would bother to lobbying the government if the government has no money to hands out? Who would contribute to political campaign if there is no money to which politicians can appropriate? Who would buy influence if there is no influence to be bought?


Blogger Dingo said...

Much of the corruption is not about where the government spends its money, but about laws and regulation. Cunnigham was busted for bribes to award contracts, but most of Abramoff's corruption stems around votes, not cantracts. So, basically, you would have to take the money out of business, also.

8:24 AM  
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