Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Leo Strauss on Intelligence Design

Of course Leo Strauss did not actually say anything on Intelligence Design. The idea did not exist during his time. But we can extrapolate what he would have said from his philosophy concerning Western culture.

According to Strauss, Western culture developed from two points: Athens and Jerusalem. The former is Reason, and the later is Revelation. Strauss said that those two points are distinct from one another. Reason cannot be used to refute or support Revelation and vice versa.

Intelligence Design is an attempt to explain Revelation through Reason – to explain miracle of faith using scientific inquiry. This cannot be done. For many thousand years, men of great intellectual prowess and spiritual strength have tried to prove God existence. And those theologians came from both the Vedic and the Abrahamic tradition. They all fail and gave up.

Intelligence Design post more risk to religion than to science. It will undermine the most central point of religion – that spiritual knowledge is intuitive and not observable by physical sensories.


Blogger thespartantruth said...

Francis Fukuyama said that Christians, particularly of a certain creed, are trying to understand God on earth, or should I say a heaven on earth. He also said that Christianity was a religion for slaves. A view, that apparently he shares with Hegel, and I bet you can name others.

I agree that Intelligent Design does nothing for religion, and may even be detrimental. However, what does it do for science? That can be a deeper issue. In today's world reason is so strong, but there are people still willing to try to understand God, recognize the Creator and Destroyer. In each human age there were different modes of trying to understand the God. Poetry, art, music, prayer, the matter of culture, and science, have all been ways to recognize something greater than the mere dust of our flesh. Isaac Newton was a scientist of incredible genius, even he believed that the earth is but a part of the Grand Design. In today's world, science is becoming more and more that proper mode to enter that domain of knowledge. Is this good for science that it be used as a tool to understand God?

I know, I know, Intelligent Design isn't science, but . . . . let's just discuss this.

Your commment that religion is intuitive, do you mean that as innate?

7:58 PM  
Blogger pettyfog said...

A pox on them all!
The atheist liberal supports Darwin, except when it comes to humanity.. then evolution seems to have stopped, once man developed reason.

The fundamental believer, especially those employed in agricultural husbandry, utilizes the principles of evolution, but believes he is exempt. While he also ignore one certain passage in Genesis that seems to defy explanation.

I take it as a matter of faith that God created evolution. And I dont get all bound up in HOW he did it, nor does what faith I have depend on literal translation of the age of creation.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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