Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

To all my Christian readers, as well as Non-Christian readers. Merry Christmas. As a Buddhist, I have always celebrate Christmas - because I always have Christian friends. It is my philosophy that we should all celebrate other religious holidays.
This is why I am always puzzled by people who are uncomfortable with Christmas symbols. This is especially true of atheists. People of other religious tradition rarely have any problem with Christmas. In fact in Asia, where more than 90 percents of the population are Non-Christian, Christmas is an celebrated event. Daniel Drezner in Hong Kong noted that Christmas lighting in Hong Kong is far more extravagant than any city in the US.
Some may complain that Asian are commercializing the holiday. As ardent defender of capitalism, I see commercialism as a very good thing. It is certainly good for the world economy. Only if we can commercialize Ramadan.
So, I hope you get many presents this Christmas. I hope to get many presents myself. Long live shameless marterialism.


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