Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Look At Iraq Economic Number

There are questions and doubts on the Iraq economic data I cited earlier in this post. So I went and looked at different sources other than Wikipedia. I subscribe to the Economist, but I am not willing to pay a few hundred extra dollars to get their data on Iraq from the Economic Intelligence Unit. And their regular site provide almost no information. Here are data from other sources, and they vary greatly.
According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (link in pdf), the economic growth for Iraq in 2004 is 35 percent. The forecast for 2005 is 6.8 percent.
According to Index Mundi, the growth rate for 2004 is 52.3. There is no mentioned of forecast.
According to the World Bank (link in pdf), the growth rate for 2004 is 46.5 percent and no mention of forecast.
From the International Monetary Fund dated September 24, 2004: "Real GDP is projected to rebound sharply, by about 50 percent in 2004, thanks in part to a stable macroeconomic environment; this is less than originally anticipated, mainly because of the continuing security problems."
Readers feel free to post other sources so we all can have a clearer pictures


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