Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mukhtar Mai for Nobel Peace Prize

Last years (2004), as a battle buddy and I were sitting in the chow hall in Iraq, the Nobel Peace prize was announced. The winner was Wangari Maathai. My buddy who is an African-American female commented on that the Laureate is most undeserving. Her point was that it is absurd in a continent full of war, famine, and strife; an African is awarded the Nobel Peace prize for saving trees – not saving people.

Of course this does not surprise me that the institution that gave Peace prizes to Arafat and Le Duc Tho would do such a thing. It was then no surprise to learn that Wangari Maathai is an extremist. She believes that the virus HIV was created by Western scientists to punish Africans.

This year, the contenders include Bono of U2 and El Baradei. For the record, I like Bono and I think he does good work, but not Nobel Peace prize material. And I am even less certain about El Baradei. However, I have a candidate in mind (a candidate that Dymphna would approve). Her name is Mukhtaran Bibi, better known as Mukhtar Mai.

There are those who love her for being a victim. I admire her for being a heroin. She refused to be a victim – she fought back. She brought the Islamofacists who raped her to justice. Her fight did not stop there – she used the compensation to build school for girls in her village. Mukhtaran Bibi herself cannot read or write. Instead of award the Nobel Peace prize to communist, terrorist, and radical tree-hugger; the committee should award to someone truly deserving. Mukhtar Mai for Nobel Peace Prize!

UPDATE: Mohamed El-Baradei is the winner - underserving so. This year winner strengthen Pedro's point (comment section). However, I am not ready to renounce the Nobel Peace prize altogether because of the few underserving recipients (Le Duc Tho, Arafat, or Carter). To do so also means to not recognized other recepient such as Lech Wałęsa, the beacon of freedom and an inspiration when I was growing up under brutal Communism.


Blogger Pedro said...

The problem is that in recent decades the Nobel Peace Prize has become less about courage and justice and more about helping the global elite feel good about themselves, rewarding politicians and dictators who pay lip service to internationalist utopianism, regardless of what they actually DO -- see: Arafat, Carter, etc. Those who actually help make the world a better place are ignored, because ACTION makes the One World types uncomfortable; what they really want is superficial pleas for peace.

One shining counter example is Jorge Ramos-Horta from East Timor, who actually put his money where his mouth is. But he's being scorned nowadays, because he threw off his role as victim and actually began clamoring for the civilized world to bring justice to places like Iraq. Why is it good enough for us but not for them?

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not start your George W. Bush Medal of Freedom as an alternative to Nobel Peace Prize? It will be akin to a knighthood.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Noble peace award should be given to someone through world-wide poll, not to those who help US policies. Mukhtar Mai has the potential and can compete with other candidates.

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Farzan Ghauri said...

Islamofacists? Not everything has to be against Islam. The first person to speak out in favor of Mukhtar Mai was the local preacher at the village mosque. He could have lost his life because he was speaking out against the village's most powerful clan. He risked his life to bring justice to Mukhtar Mai. I respect your support for Mukhtar Mai but I dont respect the malign and ignorance you show towards Islam.

9:29 PM  
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Anonymous gw2 gold kaufen said...

Das Problem ist, dass in den letzten Jahrzehnten den Friedensnobelpreis hat sich weniger über Mut und Gerechtigkeit und mehr über die Unterstützung der globalen Elite ein gutes Gefühl über sich selbst, lohnende Politiker und Diktatoren, die Lippenbekenntnisse zur internationalistischen Utopie, unabhängig davon, was sie tatsächlich tun - siehe: Arafat, Carter, etc. Diejenigen, die tatsächlich helfen, die Welt zu einem besseren Ort werden ignoriert, weil ACTION macht die One World Typen unwohl, was sie wirklich wollen, ist oberflächlich Bitten um Frieden.

Ein leuchtendes Gegenbeispiel ist Jorge Ramos-Horta aus Ost-Timor, die eigentlich sein Geld, wo sein Mund ist. Aber er ist verpönt heutzutage, weil er abwarf seine Rolle als Opfer und tatsächlich begann lautstark für die zivilisierte Welt gerecht zu Orten wie dem Irak zu bringen. Warum ist es gut genug für uns, aber nicht für sie?
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