Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Loosing Is Not Neccessary Bad

Both Hugh Hewitt and Mark Coffey warned that overplaying the conservative objection to Harriet Miers may cause the Republican Party to loose in 2006 and 2008. Let set aside the Harriet Miers and the nomination, I am still in disagreement that loosing election is necessary bad for the Party. It may be bad for the Party in the short run, but not necessary bad for the Party in the long run.

Let look oversea for an analogy. The Congress Party of India lost the first election to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1998 for the first time after years of Congress domination. The reason was because Congress became arrogant and and lost touch with the people. For five years, the BJP ruled India. Being a religious fundamentalist party, the BJP fail miserably at governing. This ushered the Congress back into power in 2004 with Dr. Manmohan Singh as prime minister.

Loosing an election in 1998 was not necessary bad for Congress. Congress before the defeat was corrupted, arrogant, and poorly governned. Five years as an opposition allowed the party to reform itself and when it came back in power, it was better before – free of corruption, modest, and better governed. And the people of India had a taste of the BJP and decide that it did not agree with their palate.

Return to the US, the Democratic Party in its current form is similar to the BJP, extremist and radical – a fringe movement. It would not be a bad thing to give an American people a taste of the Democratic Party. Of course, the secondary benefit is a reform within the Republican Party in while in opposition. The Republican Party is now too arrogant and governed too poorly. We had became the Democrat before the 1994 election. We are an obese party that love pork to much, a careless party that spent too much money. When in opposition, we lobbied against the government on the behalf of the people. Now that we are the government, we decide that the Democrat was right, big government is actually good when one is in charge.

We need and deserve to loose elections. And when we return, and we will, we will have learn our lesson and be a better political party. Of course, the only thing that stop me from fully endorsing this option is the War in Iraq. It is the sole reason I am still on board.


Blogger VietPundit said...

Good points. I have related thoughts here.

11:35 PM  
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