Saturday, October 08, 2005

Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Like many others, I am puzzled at the President choice in nominating Hariet Miers to the Supreme Court. I am not screaming (not just yet) - there is still a confirmation process when the nominee can prove her intellectual prowess. But at this point, I am very unimpressed.

However I ran across this speech by Janice Rogers Brown - and I am immensely impressed. What's a brilliant mind! I am not going quote any because it is very difficult to pick among many profound passages. But I ask that readers read it for themselves. She articulates her judicial philosophy clearly in her speech - without refering to any pending or controversial Supreme Court cases.
After reading her speech, I understand why the Left feel threaten by Judge Brown. They should be. Judge Brown believes in the power and wisdom of the individual not the collective. And she believe that words have meaning. President Bush chose the easy road by nominating Harriet Miers, but the easy road often does not lead to right destination. Judge Brown as a nominee would not be a easy road - it will be a difficult journey full of obstacles. But the destination is worth the journey. She is someone we need in the Supreme Court.


Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

Yes, I agree she is very impressive.

But Minh-Duc, she was already nominated and the Republican senators refused to break a filibuster to support her. Seven Republican senators agreed that they would not support breaking a filibuster to confirm her.

You cannot blame Bush for this.

1:04 PM  
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