Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Interrogation Legislature

Andrew Sullivan highlights the McCain proposed amendment. Andrew calls it the anti-torture amendment. I am in agreement that we need to pass a bill - not only to protect the detainees but also to protect the interrogators. But the McCain proposed amendment is insufficient to address this issue.
Any bill being introduced concerning interrogation should not be political grandstanding - but should adress these following issues: (1) the protection of detainees, (2) the protection of interrogators, and (3) an effective interrogation program. The McCain proposal lack the last two goals. As I mentioned in this blog before (here and here), we need to look closer at our current interrogation policy, see if it suit our needs, and modify it accordingly. We must be candid and admit that our current interrogation program is obsolete. We need to go back and look at various interrogation techniques - whether on the books or proposed - approve or disapprove each technique, and put it into law. We can even add the oversight function into the bill to ensure that the harsher techniques go through an approval process.
This protect detainee from abuse. It also protect interrogator who know if he use a technique that is lawfully approved and if he receive approval from a legitimate authority, he is protected from prosecution. And the review of all interrogation techniques, we can have a better interrogation program that yield good intelligence for the war on terrorism. Detaineees were not the only victims of past scandals - interrogators and intelligence collection were victims as well. Let give the interrogators the backing of the law, let them do their difficult job knowing that they have the support of the country.


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