Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Hayek Blogging

With all the depressing news concerning porks in Congress, Miers for the US Supreme Court, Hayek blogging alway cheer me up. And not to forget about the other Hayek - I introduce to you the blog of F.A. Hayek great nephew (F.A. Hayek is his grandfather brother). Here is Richard Zundritsch and his blog Hayek in Vienna. It is a must go to if you are a fan of F.A. Hayek like me (If you are a fan of Salma, you can always come here every Friday). Richard dedicates his blog to the biography of his great uncle and the idea he advocated when he was alive - freedom through free market.
And since it is a very depressing week (The Senate voted down the Coburn amendment), I am posting two Salma pictures.


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