Monday, September 26, 2005

I am not Convinced

Tom DeLay, in an pathetic attempt to cool down the the angry fiscal conservatives:

This year, House Republicans streamlined the Appropriations Committee structure to allow for a more transparent, accountable legislative process for our annual spending bills. This reformed process will make it harder to hide excess spending and easier to save money in the future. Wasteful spending can be found and should be cut -- like the $89 billion that never made it into the $286 billion (formerly $375 billion) highway bill the president signed last month -- and as conservatives and Republicans, we should never let down our guard on this issue.

Translation: Get off my back, you troublesome fiscal conservatives. Instead of spending $375 billion of your children money on bacon, I spent only $286 billion. What am I suppose to do without my bacon.
We need real fiscal conservatives in Congress -- people who authentically believe in limited government - not pretenders.


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