Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Conservatives Insurrection

This is an insurrection. I have written about this issue before (here, here, and here). It is about we take a closer look at the last five years and what conservative causes have been advanced since then. In the last five years, every single gain that was made under the Gingrich's Conservative Revolution has been reversed, by a faux conservative President and a faux conservative Congress. For the last five years, I voted Republican because I was limited by two choices: big government conservatives or even bigger governmnet liberals. Therefore it is extremely sad and profoundly disappointed to see this from Tim Chapman.
... A coalition of bloggers have launched a website called "porkbusters." The site lists every member of the House and Senate by the name and has a column next to the name for "committed cuts," or sacrifices. Currently, the only member of Congress listed with a "committed cut" is House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
Many Republican members of Congress must be asking themselves, "Is Nancy Pelosi the best fiscal conservative this Congress has to offer?"
Not one single Republican - not one - in the House or Senate is willing to give up pork. In fact, Tom Delay, the Republican majority leader, new title is the "porker of the month" and the co-awardee is another Republican, Senator Don Young of Alaska. Delay even had the audacity to declared that there is "ongoing victory" over government wasteful spending. The Pork King refuse to even consider delay the drug benefit. Who would have thought a self-proclaimed conservative would defend an entitlement.
Of course, the House and Senate Republicans are not the only one to blame. The White House stated that they oppose the delay of the Medicare prescription plan. The President is threaten to veto any bill that delay the program. Unbelievable! This president who never vetoed a single spending bill is threaten to veto a bill if it spend less. This President may talk like Ronald Reagan but act like Lyndon B. Johnson. Compassionate Conservative is a disguise for "The Great Society."
It is therefore with enthusiasm and pride that I declare myself a rebel - a member of the Conservative Insurrection. Let renew the Conservative Revolution. Let renew the Contract with America. Let start to hold every single Republican politician accountable. The day that politicians get my vote for being members of the Republican Party is over.
CORRECTION: Don Young is a congressman not a senator.


Blogger Triet said...

I will join you!! This government is too bloated, and it's fat is preventing it from doing good when forced--hence the Katrina fiasco. Streamline and privatize, I say. Get rid of the pork.

5:17 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This specificDiablo 3 Items federal is too bloated, this is excess fat is preventing the item through carrying out good any time forced--hence the particular Katrina disaster. Enhance and privatize, I have faith that. Eliminate pork.

12:47 AM  

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