Monday, August 29, 2005

Stolen Identity

I am at loss to find a word to describe my political orientation. To be precise, I should refer to myself as a liberal. But that political identity was stolen in the 30s by socialists. And it now means the very opposite. It no longer means free market, and less government but more government and virulent anti-market.

And lately I cannot call myself a conservative anymore because term is also stolen by people who think conservatism means expanding entitlement and the promotion of the welfare state. Who would have thought that with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, we would be expanding our entitlement programs at an unprecedented rate? What happen to the old face of the Republican Party? Remember Newt Gingrich and “The Contract With America” advocating smaller government. Today, the face of the conservative today is Rick Santorum on CSPAN advocating more government spending while lambasting fiscal conservatives.

Instead of finding a market solution for the high cost in subscription drugs (and the high cost in medical care), Mr. Bush decide to throw money at it by adding another entitlement on the already expensive entitlement. In fact, the President has done little in the last five years to promote market. The medicare reform was anything but a reform.

This editorial of the Washington Post highlight the problem.
Back in 1987, when Mr. Reagan applied his veto to what was generally known at the time as the highway and mass transit bill, he was offended by the 152 earmarks for pet projects favored by members of Congress. But on Wednesday Mr. Bush signed a transportation bill containing no fewer than 6,371 earmarks.
Has anyone notice that President Bush has never vetoed a single spending bill?
The nation is at war. It faces large expenses for homeland security. It is about to go through a demographic transition that will strain important entitlement programs. How can this president -- an allegedly conservative president -- believe that the federal government should spend money on the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Louisiana? Or on the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan? The bill Mr. Bush has signed devotes more than $24 billion to such earmarked projects, continuing a trend in which the use of earmarks has spread steadily each year. Remember, Republicans control the Senate and the House as well as the White House. So somebody remind us: Which is the party of big government?
And I am not buying the war on terrorism excuse. The Economist reveals the number.
The explanation among Republicans is the war on terror. Surely you need to spend more on defence when the country is under attack? Surely you need a stronger federal government when terrorists are trying to kill you? As the Cato Institute shows, this is tripe. Even if you strip out spending on defence and homeland security, Mr Bush still wins the prize as the biggest booster of public spending for three decades.
With Republican becoming Democrat and Democrats becoming Socialist, I am not sure what to call myself.


Blogger VietPundit said...

You're an independent thinker whom I respect more and more everyday.

11:28 AM  
Blogger John Sobieski said...

Totally agree. Who are these sprendthrift Republicans? Not who I voted for. Bush has been a definite appointment. He got Iraq wrong. He ignores our border problems, and he never met a spending bill he did not like.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

It seems that the Democrats and the Republicans are in a bidding war for the voter -- "I'll give you much more free stuff than my opponent will -- vote for me!" The Republicans are bound to lose, because the Democrats are way ahead of them on this one. Still, they seem determined to play it that way...

That's why I don't consider myself a Republican. I vote for them most of the time because the other party is worse, but they don't adequately represent my views.

5:12 AM  
Blogger Mr. Completely said...

The closest I can come to describing my position would be Libertarian Jeffersonian Republican. Unfortunately with the way our education system works, most of the younger folks have no idea what I'm talking about, or even who Jefferson was.......

3:31 PM  
Blogger Cutler said...

With Republican becoming Democrat and Democrats becoming Socialist, I am not sure what to call myself.


7:58 PM  
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