Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rush - Who Do You Call A "Staff Puke?"

Rush Limbaugh is officially an ass for calling Paul Hackett a “staff puke” (hat tip to the Commissar) Here is the transcript.

RUSH: [Hackett] was in the Civilian Affairs Unit, and this is a Washington Post story (it says here) from July 30th. “A lawyer and a major in the Marine reserves, Hackett volunteered last year to serve in Iraq and spent seven months there in the civilian affairs job, including service around Ramadi and Fallujah. He returned to Ohio in March, decided to jump into the race for Portman’s seat, seeking to become the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress.” So he volunteered to serve, spent seven months in a civilian affairs job. What is that, since you’re — did you say you’re a Marine?
CALLER: I’m in the Navy, sir, Navy lieutenant.
RUSH: Navy. What is a civilian affairs job? You tell me.
CALLER: Civilian affairs is just basically a public affairs job where they interact with the civilian authorities from a military perspective. It’s a military liaison, if you will.
RUSH: Oh, it’s a military liaison. Is it a combat position or not?
CALLER: Negative. It is not a combat position.

RUSH: Okay, call him a staff puke if that’s what you want, but civilian affairs, staff puke. Bottom line is he’s running a fraudulent, deceptive campaign, and the Democrats are saying this is a bellwether election.

First of all, there is no such thing as “civilian affair.” It is “civil affair,” but most of the time they go by the acronym CA. And most important of all, they are no “staff pukes.” Civil Affair actually falls under the Special Operation Command (SOCOM). The reason they fall under SOCOM is their unconventional nature. They do the important task of winning heart and mind by building infrastructure such as bridges, clinics, schools, or water treatment plants. In Iraq they also play soldiers-diplomat by working with local tribes and local governments.

These soldiers risk their lives on the daily basic because they are far more vulnerable units compare to the combat units. They convoy in smaller force with less firepower into dangerous villages and towns. Imagine a small contingent of US Army averaging nine to ten soldiers in an isolated Iraqi village far away from the main base. Half of them are in people house trying to win them over leaving the other half on the vehicles to provide security. Their frequent interaction with average Iraqis leave them extremely vulnerable to insurgent attacks.
I did not follow Paul Hackett political career and do not know his political position. From what I heard, he is a Democrat and not nice fellow. I heard that Hackett is opposing the war in Iraq. If it is so, then I do not share his politic. But I do not really care because it is irrelevant to the subject. There are a million ways Rush can criticize Hackett without resorting to calling him a “staff puke.” I know that some over-testosterone and immature infantrymen use the terms toward non-combat soldiers. It is inappropriate for them to do so, and it is even more inappropriate for Rush Limbaugh (who is a civilian) to do so.
What is most upsetting about this incident is the lack of outrage from the Right. In fact many are shamelessly defending Rush. The Right had the reputation of cleaning our own house. During the Trent Lott scandal, I was proud to be a conservative. It is absolutely shameful that many conservatives are behaving like hypocritical moonbats. It is time conservatives let Rush knows he is way out of line.
UPDATE: Thank you to reader James in Shreveport who informed me that the transcript may not be correct. He believes that it was the caller who used the term "staff puke," not Rush. I did not hear it myself and I cannot swear by the authentication of the transcript. I should have put out a disclaimer on authenticity. My sincere apology. I got the transcript from the Commissar who got it from someone else.


Blogger Pigilito said...


As an ex-infantryman, I agree with your charachterization of "staff puke" as an insult.

I have read some defenders of Rush pointing out that the term is simply a nickname, which is quite false.

Moreover, anyone who signs up for the military deserves a certain level of respect (even Kerry).

Rush and his sycophant defenders should be ashamed.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though I agree with Rush on some things, and I do believe he generally supports the military, he is also very ignorant of military life,jargon,etc. In this case the Navy officer led him astray on the role of Civil Affairs officers, but there is no excuse for his use of the term staff puke. If it is ever affectionate, that would only be between to military folks who know each other well, and since Rush didn't serve in the military, that doesn't apply. My biggest complaint about Rush is that his hyperbole often obscures the good points that he is making...

8:46 PM  
Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

You are right, Rush is an ass and often makes more problems than he helps. My issue with candidate Hackett was the intentionally vague nature of his ads. At personal appearances he was very dovish, very anti-war. In his public ads he portrayed himself as a hawk and gave the appearence of being 100% behind Bush and the administration. I'll just pass over his reference to W as a warmongering lunatic and SOB. On the opposite flank, we have Jean Schmidt. A republican who is wildly unpopular in her district. And yet, she won. I live in western PA and recieve radio and tv coverage from alot of the state, also have several friends there who are politically active on both sides of the aisle. As for the use of nomenclature, if you ain't been and done you should not use troopspeak. I have only just dicovered your blog and like it very much, keep up the good work.

2:19 PM  
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