Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Reagan Boulevard?

Frank (who guest-blogged at Andrew Sullivan) commented on the proposal to rename a 16th Street NW in District of Columbia.
First, they came for my airport, and I said nothing. Now, they’re trying to rename my main thoroughfare, 16th Street. The bastards want to make it Ronald Reagan Boulevard. I have much grudging respect for the Gipper. But the District of Columbia was one the few places to thoroughly reject Reagan’s reelection. They won’t let that drop. It’s seems they’ll keep forcing the Great Leader’s name on us until we recant our decision in the 1984 election.
Now there is a perfectly good reason to oppose the proposal – mainly the naming convention of letter and number. But simply because residents of the District of Columbia did not elect Reagan is irrelevant. It is our nation capital and it belongs to all Americans. Let not forget that Reagan was elected by a landslide – and if we choose to name everything in the city after him – it is our right. Nobody complained when there are 10,000 structures name after Kennedy.

The fact is District of Columbia would be a third world city without the financial contribution of non-residents. If the residents of DC choose to reject that fact, maybe it is time to move our capital to city more deserving.


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