Thursday, June 02, 2005

Weekly Darfur Post: Coffee Annan on Darfur

I read this post via Coalition For Darfur, and I want whatever it is that Coffee Annan is smoking. If the UN Secretary General wants to be taken seriously, he needs to stop making make crazy claim. According to the UN envoy, Jan Pronk, “Mr. Annan was really impressed by the improved situation in Darfur, which he visited on Saturday." Pronk added “"Foreign press reports, especially in the American press, which speak of no progress in Darfur are completely untrue." Untrue! So I guess the reports of rapes, pillages, and mass murders in Darfur are just the work of over imaginative aid workers. And for being over imaginative, they were arrested by the Sudanese authority.

Coalition for Darfur reports:
At the same time, two aid workers from Doctors Without Borders were arrested because of a recent report documenting hundreds of cases of rape in the region.

On top of that, the World Food Program reported that the number of people requiring food aid in Sudan is now more than six million, while the UNHCR reported that Janjaweed and government attacks have all but destroyed village life and forced some 2 million people into makeshift slums. With the majority of villages destroyed and insecurity rampant, it is not surprising that the displaced have become entirely dependent on foreign aid and are increasingly unwilling to return home.

Thus, it is rather difficult to comprehend just what sorts of "improvement" Annan and Pronk claim to have witnessed in Darfur.
Me too. Coffee Annan was in Sudan for less than three days and he already concluded that thing had improved. How's perceptive. Please read the whole thing.


Blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE said...

Yep, Coffee is right on top the situation. What a leading force he is.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

The Coffee is rather bitter in Darfur.

Still think we should be writing that big, fat check? :)

3:25 PM  
Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

Our dear Kofi has his own glasses - they show him the view of the world that is politically useful.

This is sad - unbelievably sad. Perhaps it is time to set up a separate organization of democratic states. A UN that does not care when people get killed is not worth much.

7:39 PM  
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