Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The President Speech

The President told the audience the honest fact that Iraq is not an easy fight. But he did not emphasise how tough it is going to be and how tough it was the last two years. The American people are no pussies, but we need to be honest with them. They will make the neccessary sacrifice. But if they expect victory around the corner and when we come to the corner, the is still no victory, they have every right to be angry. I think that the recent poll reflects the disharmony between expectation and reality.
I think it is the administration fault for creating an unrealistic expectation among the populace. The "we are in a tough fight" message should have been delivered a long time ago, not today. Furthermore, there should be a concerted effort to reinforce the message that winning the War in Iraq will take considerable time, as well as blood and treasure; but in the end the effort will be well rewarded.
Having been to Iraq, I already knew that victory is not around the corner, that the fight is tough, and the enemies are resilient. But I also believe that our war is just and and our cause is noble.


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