Monday, June 20, 2005

Enemies Within

Wretchard of Belmont Club reminds us of the enemies within. If you think that the charge of anti-war movement being fifth column is a myth, here is a story for you. On October 29th, 1963, a Special Force Lieutenant Nick Rowe was captured by the Viet-Cong. For the next five years, his was kept in U Minh Forest, a mosquito infested salt water swamp. Despite tortures (real tortures, not the shit in Gitmo), he held fast. He stuck to the story that he was a civil engineer on a reconstruction project, no military experience. His insistence and consistency (despite physical torture and threat of execution) led the enemies to be believed that the story was true.

However, being paranoid Communists that they were, they found a way to check Rowe’s veracity, people who were willing and eager to help. (Full story is here)
Acting on a request from the North Vietnamese, students in a so-called anti-war organization in the United States researched public records and formulated biographies on Americans captured in Vietnam. After reading Lt. Rowe's biography, his Viet Cong captors became furious. They marched him into a cramped bamboo hut and forced him to sit on the damp clay floor. Several high ranking Viet Cong officials were staring down at Lt. Rowe. They held out a piece of typed onion skin paper.
"The peace and justice loving friends, of the National Liberation Front, who live in America, have provided us with information which leads us to believe you have lied to us," they informed Lt. Rowe. "According to what we know, you are not an engineer . . . you have much military experience which you deny . . . You were an officer of the American Special Forces." Lt. Rowe sat dumbfounded, unable to comprehend that his own people would betray him. He felt it was over. He had lied to the communists for five years. Worse in their eyes, the Viet Cong had believed him. They had lost face and, for that, he would be punished.

Soon after, the Viet Cong Central Committee for the National Liberation Front sent orders to Rowe's camp ordering the cadre to execute the uncooperative American prisoner. On the day Lt. Rowe was being led to a destination for execution, he and his small group of guards were caught on the edge of an American B-52 saturation bombing raid. The guards scattered, leaving Lt. Rowe with only one. Lt. Rowe knew he had nothing to lose. He bided his time until the remaining guard carelessly moved to Rowe's front, whereupon Lt. Rowe bludgeoned him with a log and escaped.
Many members of the anti-war movement back then are now leading anti-war movement of today. While opposing the Iraq War is not necessary unpatriotic, past behaviors are good indicators of future performance. They have actively aided and abetted the enemies in the past. We therefore have every reason to mistrust them. They care not for our men and women in uniforms, they would not hesitate in helping our enemies to kill as many of our brave soldiers as possible. Still unconvinced, read their own words in this article, and this.


Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

A superb but painful point!

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Anonymous Mixed Humor said...

Great post...enjoyed some of the other one's as well. Will be checking back in.

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