Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Constructive Criticism

The most common myth propagate by the Left on the Iraq War is that Conservatives parrot President Bush propaganda without question, that we never criticize the current administration. This could not be further from the truth. There are plenty of criticisms from the Right. At one point last years, several prominent Conservative, such as William Kristol, called for resignation of Secretary of Defense. But Liberal Left either refuse to acknowledge the existence of such criticism or grossly misinterpret them for an anti-war position.

Peaceniks do not consider any criticism of the administration a valid criticism unless it calls for the complete capitulation to our enemies. The Left main criticism is the “why criticism.” They question why we went to war in Iraq. They are looking for reason not to fight the war, to withdraw and run. Criticism from the Right is the “how criticism,” an honest disagreement on how to win the war. We question how the war is being fought with complete agreement on why we must fight it and more importantly, that we must win it.

Conservatives criticize the administration for releasing terrorists; many went back to fighting us. Liberal criticize the administration for continue holding detainee, demanding their release. When conservatives criticize Rumsfeld, we criticize for a different reason from Liberal. We criticize him for his failure to bring the enemies to their knees, that he was at time not aggressive enough, not serious enough about the war. Peaceniks criticize him because they want to discredit the war effort. We criticize because we believe the war can be won, and should be won. They criticize the war because they believe the war cannot be won, and should not be won.

Let not confuse our constructive criticism with their destructive criticism. A criticism of the administration is necessary. It is especially necessary when their action stray away from the path of victory. I will not hesitant to call out errors from the administration as I have in the past.


Blogger Dan Morgan said...

That is interesting about “why criticisms” vs. "how criticisms". I would add that the left not only uses the “why criticisms", but they also often use the “how criticisms” to the max. Kerry did this a lot. And if you go to DailyKos, you will see that they do to. Every action taken in the war is trashed. I read Kos the other day, and he said that we should pull out because we have been so imcompetent. But it seems pretty inconsistent to me do be trying to use both types of criticisms at the same time. Often it seems that the left will say any anti-Bush thing that is possible to say. So it makes it hard to take them serious. It makes you wonder: What do they really want?

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