Monday, June 27, 2005

Agendas For This Week

I will be talking in detail about alleged torture and interrogation policy this week. I am in fact working on a detail analysis of our current and past interrogation policy – hopefully it will be done by tomorrow. The subject needed to be discussed, regardless whether abuses or torture have occurred or not. If they had occurred, then it is a very serious problem that needs immediate remedy. If they had not occurred, then we can prove once for all of our honorable conducts. What I am hoping to do is to lay the frame work for the debate.

I am extremely dismayed at the current debate on the subject. I am sorry but most of the comments and analysis on the subject have been pathetic – seriously lacking in substance. I am particularly saddened to see that war advocate such as Gregory Djerejian, Andrew Sullivan and others who cannot put together a solid argument. For instance, Gregory Djerejian is a solid analyst on the subject of foreign affair and a solid war supporter. But his writing on the alleged torture have been substandard (thus far), far weaker than his other writing. This is because his approach (which is typical of most critics approach) has been wrong – no foundation, no definition, and no in-dept research, and often base on hearsay. Gregory promised to go into detail and provide a more substantive argument on the subject. I will look forward to reading his argument with an opened mind. And I promise I will keep my mind open on the possibility and probability of torture. I believe they had occurred but I am unconvinced that they are a result of policy. So far Gregory and Andrew have fail utterly to prove that they are.

I will also talk in detail about the two terminologies that the Left constantly used when it come to the Iraq War: “chicken-hawk” and “101st Fighting Keyboard.” In the process, I will thoroughly fisk their silly argument. Expect a harsh and merciless criticism of Kos and his Cossacks from this veteran. Trust me, I earned my right to fisk them.

I am also hoping to comment on the President Speech tomorrow on Iraq and whatever hot topics that will emerge this week.


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