Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's a coincidence

I blogged here yesterday on Sheik Al-Dari of the Muslim Ulema Council. After his accusation of Shiites for formenting civil war, the top aid to Ayatollah Sistani, Sayid Mohammed al-Allaf, was assasinated (reported by CNN). A threaten statement by Al-Dari, followed by an assassination. Am I the only one seeing the correlation.
Al-Dari further issued the statement after the assassination:
"We knew the sides that stand behind the assassinations of imams, sheikhs, and prayers. They are the same sides that cordoned off the camp of our Palestinian brothers in al-Baladiat area to take them out of the country. They are the Badr militant group," al-Dhari said.

"All the world should know that we are heading toward a catastrophe, only God knows when it ends. This is our warning." (CNN)
The Palestinians mentioned are four foreign jihadists captured by Iraqi government. According to Al-Dari, the four foreign terrorists are not responsible for the death of Iraqi but someone else are. Not only that, the Palestinians are referred to as brothers, follow with more threat. Those Salafists have impecable logic.


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