Saturday, May 21, 2005

Weekend Blog Reports

1. Tony at Across the Bay dissects the Hizballah's standing in Lebanon.
Contrary to all the predictions of the cheerleading groupies (first among which is the useless Helena Cobban), Hizbullah is nowhere near "running away with the elections." In fact, Hizbullah didn't do what many said it would, take a bite of Amal's piece of the Shiite pie. In the past, Syria pressured the two to run together, thereby, the argument went, limiting Hizbullah's representation, as it was clearly more popular than Amal. But what these people failed to understand is that after the Syrian withdrawal and with UNSCR 1559 hanging over its head, Hizbullah became one of the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon. Isolated after the Christian-Druze-Sunni alliance in March, and alienating many through its overtly pro-Syrian posturing, including mug shots with the notorious Rustum Ghazaleh, and facing the rise of a rival Shiite group, Hizbullah couldn't run away with anything. Not only didn't it break away from Nabih Berri, it needed him to maintain some sort of a Lebanese safety net. While some of the internal pressure has eased due to electoral politics, the issue of the arms is still the elephant in the room, no matter what Hizbullah says to awe-struck journalists and interviewers.
Read the whole thing.

2. Ahmed blogs about Saddam pictures, past and present. There are new pictures as well.

3. Lebanese Political Journal blogs on Bush and the UN role in Lebanon showing it is possible to compliment both.

4. Hammorabi alleges Syrian military involvement in the Iraqi insurgency.

5. Jackson Junction has the actual footage of Linda Foley infamous speech.

6. Andi, a soldier's spouse, write a letter to Linda Foley.


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