Wednesday, May 04, 2005

True Picture

This morning as I stop by for coffee, on a newstand, (Washington Post) a picture stood out. A US soldier clutching to a towel covered Iraqi child who was killed in the recent bombing. The soldier was weeping uncontrollably, his face burried in the child's remain. The towel was full of blood, and two little legs stuck out. This is a true image of an average US soldier, I met many of them and I can attest to their humanity - the same cannot be said of their adversaries. This picture encapsulates who we are [I say we loosely, since I am not one anymore], not the grotesque Abu Graib pictures. Yet it is the Abu Graib pictures that the Press printed and published most often.
This picture evoke strong emotion, for me at least, both of extreme sadness and of great pride. I cannot find the same picture on the Washington Post online edition. If anyone can find it please let me know.
UPDATE: I found the picture. I can only link it. I want to post on here, but I am semi-computer-illiterate and I have tried unsuccessfully several times with Picasa.


Blogger THIRDWAVEDAVE said...

The first email I opened this morning was yours. Thanks for the picture. Powerful image. Words can't begin to describe the pain this picture transmits to the viewer.

10:53 AM  
Blogger VietPundit said...

The tiny little legs just broke my heart ...

9:28 PM  
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