Friday, May 20, 2005

Huffy-Puffy on Charlie Rose

Ariana Huffington was a guest at the Charlie Rose Show on Monday 16, 2005. She went on to promote her underwhelmed blog. Most of the show was shamless self-promotion and vanity. But there is one part that I remember most, Huffy-Puffy doubted the US official statement that we have no intention of staying in Iraq and will get out as soon as possible.
Huffy-Puffy said that because the US base building in Iraq appeared to be of permanent structure, she aksed why would the US are building permanent structure if we want to get out of Iraq. Some body please tell airhead Huffy-Puffy that she should learn how to do homework, especially if she want to get in the news analysis business. Any military expert could have provided her with an answer, even outside the US military establishment.
To Mrs-I-Was-Born-With-The-Silver-Spoon-In-My-Mouth, the answer has to do with blast radius of VBIED, another word for car bomb. The structure is permanent because only permanent structures construct by concrete can withstand frequent car-bomb attacks, and frequent mortars attacks. It is not about colonizing Iraq, but saving American lives. No wonder her blog suck.
Speaking of Huffy-Puffy, there are two blogs who do the great job of fisking Huffy-Puffy, Huffington Is Full of Crap and the Huffington Toast. They are hilarious.


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