Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coalition For Darfur

I just joined the Coalition for Darfur. It is a wonderful blog by two bloggers, Feddie of Southern Appeal and Eugene Oregon of Demagogue. Feddie is on the Right and Eugene is on the Left. After much disputes over judicial nominee, they found out that they both care deeply about the situation in Darfur and create a joint-blog to raise awareness. I am proud to be part of their coaltion, and even prouder that they put their difference aside for the greater good.
Here is a sample of the recent post titles "Complexity as an Excuse for Inaction" which dismiss the claim by Paul Wolfowitz that the issue in Darfur is complex to intervene.
Ten years later [in reference to Rwanda], it now appears as if a few relatively simple measures backed by the necessary political will could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. But in 1994, the genocide appeared massively complex and that complexity was routinely cited as a justification for not intervening. And Wolfowitz is making exactly the same justification for not intervening in Darfur today. Were there feasible solutions to Rwanda? In hindsight, the answer is obviously "yes." Are there feasible solutions to Darfur? It is hard to say because right now it seems so complex, but there certainly are if the world powers can muster the will to address them. But unfortunately, it is far more likely that ten years from now, when perhaps another one million Africans have needlessly died, we'll wonder why we did not act when "it looks in hindsight to have been so simple to prevent something that was so horrible."
I guess whether you are politically on the left or right, you can agrees that Darfur is a terrible thing and something must be done about it. So please support the Coalition for Darfur. And if you are a blogger, join the Coalition.


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