Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thirty years since the Fall of Saigon

BBC News report that Vietnam celebrated the 30th annivesary of the end of Vietnam War. I find the whole celebration ironically sad. The stated goals of the Communist Party then was to fight US imperialism and implement a Socialist system in Vietnam. Sacrifice were demanded for these sacred goals.
Since then, they have completely abandoned and reversed their goals. They invited the US back, offered Cam Ranh Bay to the US 7th fleet. They have reversed their Soviet styled economic policy, admitting that it was a grave mistake, that it caused much suffering. Their victory was a Pyrrhic victory - meaningless and sad. A million and a half South Vietnamese voted with their feet and left Vietnam, risking death and sexual assault. The economy was in completely ruin; civil liberty was non-existent. As neighboring countries were advancing, became the now famous Asian Tigers; Vietnam became poorer. Even after economic liberation was declared, the government was slowed and hesistant in implementing reform. And today Vietnam economic growth is still far slower than that of the Tigers. As neighboring countries achieved liberal Democracy; Vietnam is still ruled by an oligarchy known as the Communist Poliburo.
Then what are they celebrating? Are they celebrating the death of a millions of North Vietnamese soldiers who lives were wasted on a mistake - a fail experiment. Are they celebrating the destruction of an embryonic Democracy. A Democracy that at the time seem flaw, but was a far better alternative to the abomination that followed. Are they celebrating the loss chance of becoming a Pacific Tiger? Was it worth three million Vietnamese lives?


Blogger VietPundit said...

It was a high price to pay indeed.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous neo-neocon said...

My guess is that they're celebrating to save face. To admit the truth would be to admit the terrible waste of human life in an unworthy cause. They have so many failures on their hands that they cling to their one moment of "success," driving out the US and overtaking the South.

9:22 PM  

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